Preventative Dentistry

With poor oral health being connected to other issues in the body, preventive care is more important than ever…

Dentistry for your everyday oral health starts here


Mouthguards are incredibly important for maintaining the structural integrity of your smile while playing sports or during other physical activities. Wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard, like the ones we can create for you at Palm Beach Dental, is the easiest means to protect yourself from devastating oral trauma and expensive medical bills.

Night Guards

Similar to a mouthguard, our night guards are made specifically to your smile, and are designed to be worn while you sleep. By wearing a night guard, you are preventing any grinding motion of the jaw, and any clenching is cushioned by the night guard material.

Stop waking with those headaches and saw jaws, and take control with our custom-made night guards at Palm Beach Dental Studio.

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