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At Palm Beach Dental we recommend visiting our dental practice every six months to ensure your whole family’s dental health.

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Missing a Tooth

Don’t ignore your missing or damaged tooth. It’s not just about your appearance, having the tooth replaced, but also for your long term oral health.

There are many options to repair a missing tooth, including implants, replacement crowns or bridge. Speak to our expert dentists to find the right procedure for your needs.


If you’re currently in pain, we do have time set aside every day to take emergency bookings, so there is no need to wait days to get help. Toothache is obvious sign of oral health issues, and we are here to help.

Toothache pain is most often due to the nerves in the tooth being exposed to decay, infection or cracking. However, some toothache can be a result of referred pain from your sinuses or jaw. When we see you, we first determine what is causing the pain. If it is tooth decay, we will treat that with a filling, or in more severe cases, root canal. Whatever the cause, we will have options that will either remove the pain.

Crooked Teeth

Only a lucky few end up with naturally straight teeth. Modern humans jaws have not adapted to modern diets and as a result our teeth are often crowded, jostling for room, they get crooked and crossed up. Fixing those sorts of problems is referred to as Orthodontics. With slight force over a long period of time, teeth will gradually move around the jaw, orthodontics uses that effect to re-align teeth. We have helped hundreds of patients get straight teeth, give us a call and we can help you too.

Discoloured Teeth

The colour of your teeth will gradually change over time. Some habits will make it worse. We can reverse the discolouration and take your teeth back to a whiter shade before any discolouration occurred.

At Palm Beach Dental, we have ‘in chair’ whitening, which takes place during a single visit. Only dentists have access to this technology, which is effective far quicker than other whitening methods.

Embarrassed To Smile

While it is not a nice thought, some people are Embarrassed to smile They don’t want anyone to notice their teeth. If that is you, it is important to know that you are not alone and we have helped patients just like you, in fact, you are probably our favourite kind of patient. Helping you with modern dental technology is what we live for; the transformations that we can provide from professionally cleaning, reshaping your teeth, aligning them, and finally whitening.

We offer repayment plans that allow you to spread the expense over several months, with weekly repayments. Being able to smile without hesitation is not to be underestimated.

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